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What to Expect at Your DWI Arraignment in NJ

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New Jersey DWI Arraignment

After being arrested for a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in New Jersey, you will need to go to court. The process begins with the signing of a Summons & Complaint against you by the New Jersey Police Officer who made the arrest — these are the official documents detailing the charges. Listed in the complaint will be your name, the date of the DWI, the alleged offenses, and a description of the scene and facts underlying the charges.

After the Summons & Complaint has been filed, the defendant will need to appear in court; this first court appearance is called an arraignment.

The Arraignment Process For a DWI in New Jersey

The DWI arraignment is fairly simple and will be the defendant’s first appearance in court after arrest. Once in court, the judge will read the charges against you and your rights within the law. Then, the judge will ask you what you plead: guilty or not guilty. You will then state your plea. If you plead guilty, you will be sentenced and delivered your consequences. If you plead not guilty, a date will be set for your trial when you will need to return to court to defend your case. 

If you do not appear at your arraignment, the court will be forced to take further action. A bench warrant for your arrest will be issued, and a bail amount will be set. As well, the judge can order your immediate driver’s license suspension. It’s important not to miss the arraignment, as it will only worsen matters for the future.  

The Benefits of Hiring a DWI Attorney For Your Arraignment

It is beneficial to hire an attorney immediately after your arrest and before your arraignment. Your qualified DWI attorney in NJ can send a letter to the judge requesting that you skip the arraignment stating that you are represented, know and understand your rights, and are submitting a not-guilty plea. This can save you time and effort and give you and your attorney time to prepare your defense.  

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