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Since 2005, Edward J. Hesketh has been well respected in the criminal defense community. Mr. Hesketh is also a retired law enforcement officer whose experience motivated him to become a criminal defense attorney.

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Edward J. Hesketh is an experienced criminal defense practitioner who handles criminal matters ranging from disorderly offenses to felony charges, including State, Federal or local municipal court matters. In addition, we offer our clients representation in personal injury, civil litigation, and workers’ compensation claims.
Mr. Hesketh is personally involved in your case from the beginning to the end.
Our firm’s main focus is winning the case. Some cases have to go to trial, while others are best resolved by way of settlement. Our clients can rest assured that the litigation of their case and a successful outcome are our top priority.

Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

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If you are dealing with a State, Federal or Municipal charge, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense firm as soon as possible.
We have the experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system to protect your rights.

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